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(95)@The Story of Have I Told You Lately (That I Love You)? @in Japanese

Suzie Kuroiwa(1947- ), at Ginza Swing, 2003

More than ten years ago, I listened to Suziefs gHave I told you lately?h at Day By Day, Sapporo in fall, 1996. She sang a lot of standard jazz and I enjoyed them, and that tune was most impressive to me curiously.

That song starts from gHave I Told You Lately That I Love You?h It sounds like the song of country music sung by Elvis Presley long time ago.

I found that Suzie sang the song, which was writen by an Irish songwriter; Van Morrison and became popular by Rod Stewart after I got back to Tokyo. I wouldnft know that song if Suzie didnft sing it at that time. I was unfamiliar with their names; Van Morrison and Rod Stewart.

Van Morrison(1945- )

Rod Stewart(1945- )

I didnft know about a rock singer, especially people from Ireland and Scotland then at all... But I had heard Rod Stewartfs song gSailing.h

I got a chance to listen to it and I thought anyone who listen to it will be surprised and impressed at both it was a great tune itself and Rod Stewart is a great singer. It may be categorized as rock music, but its phrasing is a jazz method.

I knew why Suzie wanted to sing it.

The country tune by Elvis is a kind of classical country music written by Gene Autry/Scott Wiseman in 1945. Most of country singers sing it. When you sing it in eight to the bars like slow rock, it can be like Van Morrisonfs work. In fact, the way of Elvis is close to it.

Well, I would like to introduce the other song named similar. It is the inserted song of the Broadway musical gI Can Get It For You Wholesale,h which was written by Harold Rome(1908-93). How confusing! That is named gHave I Told You Lately?h Tony Bennet recorded it in the album gI Left My Heart In San Francisco.h Lately they are selling the album named gHave I Told You Lately?h

Wow, I have to talk about a Japanese one. gWas it too late Was it too late To love youch That one was made by Nakamura Yasushi and sung by Sagawa Mitsuo. The title is gAre You Happy Now.h Can it be a punch line? Good Grief! 2007/10/4

translated by Kisshi, Feb. 15, 2008

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