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(29) Andy Williams' show  Moon River
Japanese version

Andy Williams(1927-2012)

Andy Williams' Show was on TV on Sundays around 1965 in Japan. I remember that Osmond Brothers were so cute. He every time sang "Moon River". It reminds me Sunday afternoon.

Some years later, when I was drinking in a bar, the record of it was played. When I said to someone around,

"Frank's work is the best"

"Oh, Frank Nagai sings 'Moon River'?" he answered

That is the Japanese male singer, so I was surprised that "Moon River" didn't remind him or younger people Sinatra.

(30) This is the "MOON RIVER"!!!

Johnny Mercer 

Henry Mancini

Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini made a great hit with "Moon River". One of my favorite musicians Johnny Mercer was born in Savanna, Georgia, in 1909.

The house he was born was on Burnside Island faced "Back River".

People started to call it "Moon River" after this song was released.

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