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(28) The Best Model for Block Style Writing Mona Lisa
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Mona Lisa in Louvre

Nat King Cole sang faithfully to the original notes in any songs. It must be difficult not to break the basic style and to have his own essence at the same time. Most of Jazz singers fake the original melodies and phrases.

Expert amateurs tend to fake songs of King Cole even though they like it, because it may be too plain if they try to be the same as originally composed notes.

Suppose King Cole sings so modernly like Sarah Vaughan. How about scatting "Bababa Dotch Zeh" like in Sacchimo's style? Different singers, different styles. The song of Nat King Cole is not only a good model especially for beginners but also for expert singers.

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Nat King Cole(19191965) 

King Cole was originally a jazz pianist. His trio was formed from a piano, a bass, and a guitar. Such ensemble is the first attempt. In his quartet a drums player is usually in it, but they used a conga or bongos.

On of the reason may be that he sang himself. The guitar is in charge of codes, and the piano plays light obbligato. He thought that the guitar was more suitable than the drums because he had originally played fewer notes, I guess.

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