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(27) Song from "THE OSCAR"  Maybe September
Japanese Version

Tony Benett(1926- )

Michiru Maki(1947- )

This song starts like this "Maybe September, I'll love again", beautiful but difficult to sing.

It was sung in the movie "The Oscar" in 1966. In it Tony Bennett was acting for the first time. Frank and Nancy Sinatra also appeared in it. The single records were sold like hotcakes.

In these days Michiru Maki sings it as her specialty. She was formerly an idol. She listened to this song for the first time at the age of 18 and decided to sing it when she got matured enough some day.

Now she is a studio musician and sometimes has live concerts. I recommend her songs to younger singers.

She was a teen's idol, and now she is a good mother. Every time I see her, she talks about "tomorrow's lunch for daughter". It's always on her mind.

She is still boyish, friendly, honest (sometimes it means selfish), attractive, and speaks loud. At the same time, she is really good at singing jazz. When she sings, she is different from what she usually is. She must have a dual personality.

This is one of my favorite songs I learned in 1998.

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