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(26) Carmen  McRae, Junko Mine and Love Me Tender
Japanese version

Junko Mine

This is the beautiful love song that Elvis Presley made a hit in 1956, and originally it was a folk song and titled "Aura Lee."

By the way, Japanese female singer Junko Mine has sung "Love Me Tender" for more than ten years, and her friend Carmen McRae came to see her at a live house "Birdland" in Roppongi, Tokyo. Carmen didn't know this song, but as soon as she listened to it, she really loved it and asked her to write down the lyric of it. Carmen went back with the memo and recorded it at once, before Junko released it. I like Junko because she's a good talker to tell me many topics and episodes. Coincidence of Junko, Carmen and this song was also so interesting, too. I was happy to hear this story because I like both of them.

She got the Jazz Vocal Award of 1999 and said that she was happy to have it.

The photo on the left was taken at her dinner show held on December 12, 1999.
The back members on that day were Koji Toyama Trio + Seiichi Nakamura(ts).

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