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(25) The Lady Is A Trump to criticize the social conditions at that time japanese version

Kim Novak(1933- )

"Pal Joey" is originally a Broadway musical written by Rodgers & Hart in 1937 and filmed in 1957. The Japanese title was "The Night Panther" strange... Sinatra plays a playboy and singer Joey and Lita Heiwers plays a widow of a millionaire in it. Her character is a former strip dancer but acting like a natural born lady. Sinatra sang this song in front of that bitch and rich woman who came to the bar after it closed, very ironically. But I have to tell you not to understand only on the surface. You need to read between the lines.

She gets to hungry for dinner at eight
She likes the theater but never come late
She'd never bothered with people exits
That's why the lady is a tramp

The real tendency in those days was oppositely. Rodgers and Hart wanted to metaphor and criticize that many of those women liked to dress up too much, go to see the shows after they already started and have dinners late at night, to stand out more than other ladies.

I'd like you to know how these old songwriters made their works with not only stylish but also matured senses.

Kim Novak was really beautiful around this film. She also released "My Funny Valentine." Sinatra also sang "Bewitched."

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