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(138)@fTwof Passing Strangers
in Japanese

Passing Strangers, 1957

Billy Eckstine discovered Sarah when he was in Earl Hines Orchestra. Later, Billy formed his own band in 1944 and he brought her in his band as an exclusive singer.

There is a song titled hPassing Strangersh which almost Japanese singers don't sing. Billy Eckstine and Sarah Vaughan recorded this song by duet in Mercury EP record in 1957.

This song was wrote by Mel Mitchell/ Rita Mann. Mel Mitchel is known as the writer of English words of Mexican Bolero "Sabo A Mi".

Listen this song in You Tube below;

Sarah Vaughan and Billy Eckstine


Gina(Billy's daughter) and Billy Eckstine

Gina is Billy's daughter and she has grown up as a Jazz singer. Gina is favored by Mills family. The photo below was taken in August 2010. I saw Donald Jr. at first time and I was so so so surprised. I thought Donald came back!

John Mills II@@@Gina Eckstine@@@Donald Mills Jr.@@@Elmer Hopper

Donald Mills and John Mills II

Gina and Elmer Hopper sang hPassing Strangersh in that show. Just on yesterday, Elmer noticed me posting next video crip.iApr. 19, 2011j

Gina Eckstine and Elmer Hopper


Gina taught me the real story about her father and Sarah Vaughan. I have corrected the page of "A Difficult Song Send In The Clowns". ˁ@Click here

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