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(38) A Difficult Song Send In The Clowns
(in Japanese)

Sarah Vaughan(1924-1990)
Stephen Sondheim, the songwriter who wrote a Broadway Musical gWest Side Storyh wrote gLittle Night Musich in 1973, and it has a really difficult song. Sarah sang it along only the piano. It is the song of real value for listening. (SARAH VAUGHAN "I've Got Good", Le Chant Du Monde, France, 1991) The record with Clifford Brown is also valuable. That young genius passed away when he was only twenty-five.

I have seen Sarah sitting by a piano and singing like this. That appearance shows she is a real vocal queen. She sang gFeelingsh in the same difficult way of singing. No one can sing it like her, I bet. Her voice is an instrument. Her voice range spans three octaves.

Earl Hines


Billy's daughter, Gina Eckstine taught me the real story about her father and Sarah Vaughan, in April 2011.

Dad discoverd Sass at amateur night at the Apollo Theater. He was with the Earl Hines Orchestra at the time. They already had a girl singer ,so Sass joined the band as second pianist. Later she took the girl singers spot.

Later, when Dad formed his own band, Sass came with him. They were like brother and sister for the rest of their lives. I hope you don't mind, but that's the real story.

My close friend Salena Jones often tells me Sarah treated her kindly when she was a child. Salena was named after gsah from Sarah and glenah from Lena Horn.

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