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(97)@Laura Fygi @Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
(in Japanese)

Laura Fygi(1955-@ )

I heard Laura Fygi would visit Japan after ten years absence. She came to Japan in 1992, I think.

Blue Note was an old building along the Antique Street.

She was a Dutch singer who became a topic of conversation then. She sang in a sexy and husky voice, and it reminded us the old days of Helen Merrill. She made a big hit with a song, gDonft It Make My Brown Eyes Blueh from her debut album.

A group of steady customers of a place gDOMINANTh visit there to see that sexy girl who was much talked about.

What a surprise!

She came down from the stage, sat on the knees of the audience, and sang a song. I have seen a lot of famous female singers, but I saw that style for the first time.

Now sixteen years passed and she came to Blue Note in January, 2008. I went to see how she has changed. She did not change her style and did the same thing; coming down from the stage, sitting on the knees of the audience, and singing a song. What she seemed to change werec she seemed to gain some around the waist and had her hair cut.

She said, gDo you remember an old hit song of mine?h and began to sing this song in up-tempo. I guess she was going to show some difference from then, but I donft think this one should not be sung in up-tempo.

There must have been a lot of people who looked forward to this tune, but they must have been disappointed, I bet. Old hit songs shouldnft change their styles not to damage their images. That is my idea.

Translated by Kisshi

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