Songs and related Episodes

(42) Songs are males/females Tea For Two
-in Japanese- @translated by Yoshie Kishida

This song is a male. The reason is clear. Just "Picture" a femalesinger sings and holds her boyfriend "upon her knees" --- Don't you think it's a little strange? (It's just like a tough lady --- if you know a Japanese famous and powerful female singer Wada Akiko, imagine her --- holds a thin guy upon her knees --- Isn't it funny?) However, I have encountered this kind of funny scenes.

I wish females to sing like "Picture me upon your knee." This way is not used in any scenes, actually. Sometimes it's better for a female to sing male songs acting as a male.

Well, it's difficult to choose songs to sing. Of course you may sing the songs just as they are if they are not clear male/female.

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