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(22) To remember your broken-heartIt Was A Very Good Year
(in Japanese) translated by Yoshie Kishida

Frank Sinatra(19151998)

It's a too sad song, but the guy who has had spent his own life like vintage wines sings this song, with remembering his history of love..."It was a very good year".

He remembers the age of 17, 21 and 35... but all three love matters were not answered. Memories are always beautiful. A country songwriter Ervin Drake wrote it in 1961.

When people succeeded in our own society or fields, we look around and sometimes find that we are all alone. We must feel the strongest wind we have ever had on the top of the mountain.

Sinatra reached to the top of the mountain as a singer, and maybe he found he was lonely himself even in his family, so he loved singing this song, I guess.

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