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(8) Surprising InterludeEmbraceable You  
(Japanese version) translated by Yoshie Kishida

Joe Williams(1918-1999 )

They say that the court lady of Japanese female jazz vocalists is Martha Miyake, and she also loves to sing this song.

Joe Williams, the master of my jazz master Yasushi Sawada, sang it with the super sax.

"Shall I play the record by one of my master?" My master said so, played it, and we both tumbled down with his powerful play. It was kind of him to record it on the tape for my practice.

I dropped in Ginza on my way home and looked for the CD including his song "Embraceable You", but I couldn't find it out. So I was disappointed and got home.

At home I looked for Joe Williams' CDs of mine. To my surprise and joy!! one of my CDs has that piece!! I already had it, but I just didn't listen to it. I felt happy and stupid at the same time...Do you know my mixed feelings.

Embraceable You

Joe Williams(Joseph Goreed )

News on March 30, 1999
Las Vegas Review Journal)

Jazz great Williams found
dead on street

Joe Williams found dead on the street near to his own home. He escaped from the hospital he was staying, for a walk. I know how much he wanted to go home. Who wants to end his/her life in the hospital? My father, and my wife who passed away so young, said the same: "Now let's go home."

He passed away on March 29. He was 80 years and 3 months old at that time. Tonight I'll think of his dead with listening to his CDs. He must see Count Basie over there. He was a great jazz man. In prayer.

informed by Ruriko Shihozawa on March 31)

My master Yasushi Sawada once told me the story when Joe came to Japan. Then, Joe found a foxy Japanese lady. When Yasushi didn't know it and introduced that lady, "This is Ikuko, my wife.", he was really disappointed. Joe also liked Yasushi and told many ways of singing.

With these episodes, Joe and Mr. and Mrs. Sawada became closer. In addition, they happened to see each other many times, so Mrs. Sawada said, "We have felt so related with him." Joe often said to her, "I'll sing for Ikko." and he sang many songs. She is misses him very much.

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