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(72) The Last Recording @Still There's You
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The Mills Brothers started singing in the early 1920s, and sang on until the end of the 20th century.

They started out as a quartet by the four brothers, but the eldest died young, so their father joined the group and they made one hit song after another.

After their father retired, the group continued singing as a trio. When they first came to Japan in the '60s, they were already a trio. Their singing became better still during those years.

The last concert by this trio was in 1981 at the Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen, but by this time, the Harry, the third son, had become blind. They returned to the US, and the next year, 1982, Harry died, and Herbert retired right after this.

Donald Mills(1915-1999)

About two years later, the last to be left, the fourth son, Donald, began to sing with his son John II as the Mills Brothers. They continued to tour until Donald's death in 1999.

In the year of his death, 1999, Donald Mills made his last recording. 14 songs sang by father and son. The album is titled "Still There's You."

One of the songs in this album is called "Still There's You," which was composed and written by the son John Mills II.

Shivers ran down my spine when I heard this song. He is singing to his brothers who had already gone to Heaven ahead of him. "Still there's youcWhen I close my eyes" the lyrics go. This must be a song sang in memory of the rest of the brothers (uncles to John II) who had died earlier.

What a song!

Please listen to this, even if it's only for a few phrases.@Still....There's You(mp3)

Donald and his son, John II

Shakushigakudo visited the Mills Brothers web site and wrote an email to the Webmaster that I wanted this CD album.

There is a CD shop page in the Mills web site, but it wasn't functioning. So, I asked Craig "Big-T" Thompson, who is a singer and bandleader based in Dallas TX, to try it from within the US. He wasn't able to get it to function either, so I looked up the Webmaster's address and resorted to writing him directly.

John Mills II sent me a reply to this. The shipping charge to Japan is $8.00, so would I please pay this?

You never know what until you try. Now, I have contact with John Mills II. He and Elmer Hopper tour and make recordings now as the Mills Brothers as a duet.

[J to E by my friend Sanae,
November 2004]

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