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Takahide Kawamura & Jazz Tap Dance

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Dolly Baker told me that there are two methods in tap dance, 'rehearsed tap' and 'Jazz tap'. Rehearsed tap is decided the course how to dance, but Jazz tap is dancing free like ad lib of Jazz players. It's very reasonable that Dolly likes Jazz tap. Recently, there is a good Jazz tap dancer in Japan and perform together at her live. She says happy.

His name is Takahide Kawamura and they are playing at Body & Soul, Minami Aoyama or Key Note of Harajuku.

I wrote above sentence in 1999 at the page of Sammy Davis Jr. in my Jazz Site.


Takahide Kawamura

I received an e-mail from Takahide Kawamura on July 3, 2012. I was so surprised. I almost forgot in which page I wrote about Takahide's Jazz tap. Yes, I found it.

Takahide found my Jazz Site several months ago and he said he was surprised finding his name and Dolly Baker in my page.

He will have a live at Buddy, Egota Tokyo in October. I will go to Buddy to see him. And I will send this story to Dolly in Boston.


What a plesant night tonight is!. Well, I will write him a message from now.i2012/7/3j

Λ@Official SIte of Takafumi Kawamura


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The last live of Autumn Live Tour in 2012 was held at Egota Buddy. He invited me sending tickets.

This ia the first time to see just Tap Dancing Live for I saw Takahide dansed along the songs of Dolly.

As for Takahide, sweat was blowing off on the back of the suit. We are only looking, opening a mouth wide.

The theme tonight was Theronious Monk. The music of Monk is unusual and difficult to perform.

We haven't seen each other more than ten years. He was less than thirty years old when we met at the first time at Dolly's Live. It was an impressive night that old man was only surprised in the live of one night jazz tap being so intense.

I will take and surprise someone next time. i2012/10/12j

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