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(131)@David Hansen's Garden District Trio In New Orleans
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Garden District Trio

There is an old Dixieland Jazz Band called The Original Dixieland Jass Band(ODJB) which recorded the first Jazz record in 1917.

The leader of ODJB was Nick LaRocca. Now his son, Jimmy LaRocca leads this band. The manager, David Hansen gave me an E-mail in 2002.

He found the page of "The Story of The First Jazz Record" of chapter 1, and wrote me a mail "Thank you for promorting the name of ODJB".

Jimmy LaRocca also sent me season's greetings every year.

Of couse, I send them my new year's drawing. In the new year season of 2011, David sent me MP3 albumn of The Garden District Trio formed in 2006 in New Orleans. He is the leader of this band.

Piano is Jeff Lashway of Random Act Records, bass is Chris Sharkey and drums is himself.

Listen their music.@ˁ@Satin Doll


In A Mellow Tone

Tom Hook plays piano in this clip. They may be the regular trio.

Daddy and Mom, Nov. 2014


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