New Year's Drawing 2019

哃iDayan Taj
iXian Chinaj

Jan. 1, 2019

China reformed to the time of Deng Xiaoping from the time of the Cultural Revolution.

Because of the Cultural Revolution the eucation at school and Information Technology of China were behind more than 20 years than other countries. China asked to send a lecturer team of Information Technology to the Institute of Information Technology(IIT Japan) at Hamamatsu-cho, Tokyo. IIT organizwd a Lecturer Team including professors of universities and practitioners in bussiness for China. We held a Training Seminar of one week in Beijing twice in 1980's.

There was a research center as Chinese Academy of Sciences in China before that, and there were progressive scholars. In 1975, Japan held a Conference of International Fedelation of Operational Research Societies in Tokyo, and Chaina sent four participants at first time. There were such human resources in China, but they invited Japanese Lecturers Team.

The Lecturers Team with Chief Prof. Satoru Ogasawara flew in Beijing. I was one of the lecturer members.

After the seminar, we flew to Xian. We visited historical cultural heritages. This picture is the tower called "Dayan Ta" built in 652 for the depot to preserve a scripture from India.

This is the figure of more than 30 years ago.

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