The Story of Dolly Baker

ドリー・ベーカーについてはのいろいろなページで触れてきた。80年代の初めに知り合い、とんでもないJazz Legendが東京にいるものだと驚いた。ジャズボーカルの生きたお手本と、いろいろなことを盗むのと同時に、ジャズのお袋として、いろいろなことを教えてもらった。人の知らない話もしてくれた。泊りがけでジャズフェスティバルに出かけたこともある。それに、一緒にも唄ってもらった。おかげでDolly仕込みのレパートリーがたくさん出来た。




 2002.8.20 爵士樂堂主人 若山邦紘

I have written the stories about Dolly Baker in my web site, I was surprised how great Jazz singer exists in Japan when I listened her songs for the first time at a Jazz Bar called Lamp Light in Tokyo nearly twenty years ago.

I thought I should take Dolly as a model of Jazz vocalist. In fact, she told me various things and episodes and she gave me many materials, books and photos and etc. for my web site. She knew my favorites songs and sang me "Sunday Morning Coming Down" and "A Hundred Years From Today" so many times.

However, a young eighty years old singer returned to United States leaving us many memories.

I have collected the contents of Dolly's pages from my site and compiled them into a new Dolly's home-page.

Aug. 20, 2002 Kunihiro Wakayama

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