New Year's Drawing 2014

Pittsburgh University

Jan. 1, 2019

We heard the term "Accounting Information System" in late 1960s. OR workers turned their eyes to Accounting and System Science. Also the men in industries turned their concious to the computer software system for the management planning and administration based accounting data.

Operations Research Society of Japan planned to send a study team to United States. Prof. Takehiko Matsuda became the head of the study team. His name was famous around the Japanese industries.

Prof. Satoru Ogasawara and Assistant Prof. Takeshi Kawase began this project. I learned everything for sending a study team to US or other countries.

Mr. Fukukawa and I, young staff members of OR Society, were assigned to go with the study team.

We attended the AIS(Accounting Information System) Seminar at the Graduate School of Industrial Administration(GSIA) in Carnrgie Melon University for one week.

We stayed at Webster Hall Motor Hotel, and walked to GSIA everyday. And in front of the hotel there is Pittsburgh University's Tower.

Now, the tower was reformed to white building like this.

We also visited many progressive farms in San Fransisco, Cicago and New York.

As usual year, this is Kuni-chan's "New year's drawing for 2014".

Professor Emeritus, Hosei University
1101 Palace View Yonban-cho
2-2 Yonbancho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 102-0081







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