Treasured Photographs of
Yasushi Ashida
with the Mills Brothers
Herbert MillsCDonald MillsCNorman Brown(gt) and Harry Mills

The number being played in the photograph above is most likely "Opus One." Although the music does not come across, the gestures of the three, and the standing brass section behind makes me guess so.

The one person in a different colored tuxedo is the leader of the Mellow Notes, Yasushi Ashida, 40 years ago. His father, Mitsuru Ashida was a very famous alto-saxophone player and is considered one of the pioneers of Jazz in Japan.


The New Latin Quarter, to those who are in their 70s is bound to be a grand memory.

From the mid-50s until the Hotel New Japan burned down in the late e80s, it was a night club known as the place to socialize for members of the bourgeoisie.

This coincides with the good old times during the high economic growth of Japan.

These are photos of the Mills Brothers show at the New Latin Quarter.

I, Shakushigakudo Master never missed their performances at Sankei Hall, but I was not yet old enough to go to night clubs. I was still a college student.

I went there only once, much later, when my uncle took me along. The performers then were the Trio Los Panchos.

The shop talks by Mr. Ashida at these live shows were very entertaining. To those who could appreciate the instrumentals as well, it was very pleasant. He could play in so many different styles. If you asked, he would even imitate John Coltrane.

Japanese Jazz is not bad at all. There were many wonderful players from even before WWII.

Mills Brothers, Yasushi Ashida & His Mellow Notes

Some days later, Mr. Ashida sent me this autographed photograph with a note saying, "This turned up."

The original photograph was damaged extensively, but I managed to restore it. These autographs are precious.

Mills Brothers