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(13) Graduation Day  
(Japanese version)@translated by Yoshie Kishida

The Four Freshmen (No.20)

  Through all ages and countries, on graduation ceremonies people have some mixed feelings with joy and loneliness. American students that are going to graduate from their university put their special feelings in this song remembering how much they have enjoyed their special time and they feel lonely to say good bye to their friends. The four freshmen used to give a concert at universities and sing it.

  In these days there are less students to feel such sentimentality to finish their special golden time. Some of students don't attend the ceremonies and even don't come to the school office to get their diplomas.

  I'd like to add that we have a kind of meeting for the students' parents in the university. I'm working for, like in elementary schools and high schools. Actually, I nowadays think that the age to be adult is not twenty but thirty. In that sense, there must be no wonder.

  At the meeting of parents and professors, we talk about the students' college life and so on. After the meeting, beer and snacks are served, and reception party begins. Professors to attend it have to feel like being hosts or barmaids surrounded by many of students' mothers.

Ross and Bob FINALLY graduate!

Ross Barbour, Bobby Fong(President of Butler U) and Bob Flanigan

The Four Freshmen were freshmen at Butler University in Indianapolis in the spring of 1948.
By September 1948 they were on the road -- never to become sophomores.

Sixty years later, on May 10, 2008, the two surviving Original Freshmen, Bob Flanigan and Ross Barbour were each given the honorary degree, "Doctor of Arts" by Butler U!

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