Touch Me In The Morning
Music: Michael Masser/ Lyrics: Ron Miller
The Way We Were

Music: Marvin Hamlisch/ Lyrics: Alan & Marilyn Bergman


60年代から70年代の初めにモータウンのソウルが流行りました。Diana Rossはかわいらしいお顔で当時の人気者でした。


同じ頃、73年にバーバラ・ストライザンドの映画「追憶」が出来ました。The Way We Wereはバーバラの大ヒットでした。映画の中では、ベイブリッジの一方通行の方向を逆にして撮影したのです。気がついた人はいますか?





Touch me in the morning
Then just walk away
We don't have tomorrow
But we had yesterday

Memories light the corners of my mind
Misty water-colored memories of the way we were

Wasn't it me who said that
Nothing good's gonna last forever?
(touch me in the morning)
And wasn't it me who said
Let's just be glad for the time together? (then just walk away)

It must've been hard to tell me
That you've given all you had to give
I can understand you're feeling that way
Everybody's got their life to live

Pictures of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another for the way we were.

Wasn't it yesterday
We used to laugh at the wind behind us? (touch me in the morning)

Didn't we run away and hope
That time wouldn't try to find us (then just walk away)
Didn't we take each other
To a place where no one's ever been?
Yeah, I really need you near me tonight
'Cause you'll never take me there again
Let me watch you go
With the sun in my eyes
We've seen how love can grow
Now we'll see how it dies

If I've got to be strong
Don't you know I need to have tonight when you're gone?

So it's the laughter we will remember
Whenever we remember the way we were.
The way we were.
The way we were.
Touch me in the morning.