The Good Life / I Wanna Be Around
Music: Jack Reardon Words: Sacha Distel

Words & Music: Johnny Mercer and Sadie Vimmerstedt


”The Good Life”はフランスのイケメンSinger Songwriterのサッシャ・ディステルが自作自演した歌だ。われわれはトニー・ベネットのしか聞いたことがなかったのだが、パリに住んでいたブッチがこの歌をフランス語で歌ったので初めて知った。

Sacha Distel(1933-2004)


”I Wanna Be Arund”もトニー・ベネットのヒット曲だが、オハイオの美容師の女性からジョニー・マーサーのところに送られてきた「1行のことば」にヒントを得て作詞作曲して、彼女をこの歌の共作者として著作権料が年間3000ドル入るようにした。




Oh, the good life
Full of fun seems to be ideal
Umm the good life
Makes you hide the sadness you feel
You want really fall in love
So you can’t take the chance
So just be honest with yourself
Don’t fake romance

Yes, the good life
To be free and explore the unknown
Just like the heartache
When you learn you must face life alone
So just remember and I still want you
And in case you wonder why
Well just wake up
Kiss the good life good bye


I wanna be around to pick the pieces
Somebody breaks your heart
Some, somebody’s twice as smart as I
Somebody who will swear to be true
You used to do with me
Leave you to learn that misery loves company
Wait and see

I mean I wanna be around
To see how he does it
When he breaks your heart to bits
Let’s see if the puzzle really fits so fine
That’s when I’ll discover that revenge is sweet
As I sit they’re applauding from a front row seat
Somebody breaks your heart like you broke mine

Somebody breaks your heart like you broke mine