Jazz and History

Platinum Jazz Night
Japanese version

An interesting Jazz Live was held at All of Me Club, Roppongi Tokyo on November 18, 2008 featured Kawabe-san(tb) 82 years old, Ashida-san(ts) 79 years old, and Ban-chan(tp, vo) 76 years old.

When I arrived there, the 3rd set was just beginning. This live was produced by Goto-san who is OZ SONS friend.

Goto-san is only 50 yesrs old guy but he knows very old fashioned music. He was a car racer when he was really young. He recommmended me to come. I wanted to meet Ashida-san.

Ban-chan couldn't hold his trampet after he got sick. His left hand is hadicapped since then. But he sang very good. He hit audience's heart.

Ashida-san        Mitsui Ban-chan           Kawabe-san

The performers of tonight are silver ages. But the title of live tonight is "Platinum Jazz Night". This is the naming by Goto-san.

Before I arrived All of Me Club, they finished 2 sets performance but Kawabe-san fell down because of anemia. The ambulance was called and came, but Kawabe-san said "I won't go!".

In the last set, he said "I'm sorry for plotzing".

Furthermore, Ban-chan forgot about the live of tonight and didn't appear. The owner of All of Me Club phoned Ban-chan's home, ah, he was at home. He arrived befoe 3rd set began.

This is the story of the first Plutinum Jazz Night at All of Me Club.