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(78) The Truth of Old Man Time iSignature Song of Milt Hintonj

Milt Hinton(1910-2000)

Do you know the song "Old Man Time"?

Dolly Baker used to sing this song in 1990s, explaining "writen for an 80 years old bassman".

Now, it's been more than 10 years since I listened Dolly's song, I found this bassman is Milt Hinton. Recently I bought the CD titled "Old Man Time" recorded for his 80 years old anniversary.

I started to sing since 1994 and became one of my favorite songs.. Nobody sings this song among Japanese singers. Of cause, my song is Dolly's version.

This song was writen by Cliff Friend and Jack Reynolds. They are old Tin Pan Alley songwriters and wrote many songs but we haven't heard them, yet.

This song was writen by old men for an old man.i2004.10j


It has been three years since I wrote this page. I found a rare video in You Tube.

It is

hOld Man Timeh

sung by Milt Hinton when he was 85 years old.


Truth isI

Now is the year of 2013. I found this song was writen in 1961 and sung by Jimmy Durante. He recorded in single record in 1964 and recorded in LP "One of those Songs" in 1966.

And I found a report about Old Man Time and Jack Reynolds in The Miami News of November 11, 1981.

In this report, there is a sentence "Old Man Time was writen 10 years ago", but this is wrong. it is 20 years ago.

Report of Jack ReynoldsCThe Miami Newa Nov. 11, 1981

Ray Charles recorded single record in 1963. New information has been appearing on the net one after another.

It is clear that Old Man Time was not writen for Milt Hinton but it's true that Hinton recorded for his 80 years old anniversary. Dolly would be surprised if she would know this story.i2013/4/18j

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