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(65) Janet Seidel Just You, Just Me
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Janet Seidel

I heard Janet Seidel from Australia at first on 2001's summer. She recites to her own accompaniment on piano. Her favorite singer is Doris Day.

From Jazz standard, Americann pops, bossa nova, to contemporary, her repertory is so wide as if she is a jukebox machine. Furthermore, she sings in French and Italian beautifully. Anyway, she sings so lightly and easily all of the songs. Her tender and kind songs are comfortable and don't us make tired.

Her brother David is a bassist and they paly together.

She is singing Just You, Just Me in her albumn Winter Moon. She wrote lyrics for interlude ad-lib performance of Nat King Cole.

It's too fast to hear and understand the lyrics for Japanese, I wrote this matter on the guestbook of her Home Page. Then she replied immediately and sent me the lyrics of it on that day.

This performance reminds me the vocal of Annie Ross of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross.

Her site is .

(March 27, 2002)

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