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(147)@On Line TV of Detroit
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Greg Dunmore(1958|@)

I received an email from Harvey Thompson yesterday.

I know a famous female Jazz singer Jo Thompson in Detroit. Her son is Greg Dunmore graduated from Cornell University and the National University of Mexico. He is a journalist, fashon designer, MIC Chronicle Newspaper Agency, columnist, 1987-; Black Entertainment Television, On Line Productions, entertainment reporter; Michigan Chronicle, Columnist, currently.

This time he introduced Harvey Thompson who is a Jazz singer living in Tokyo in his own On line TV program.

Kuni-san could you please share this video to your friends and business contacts? Thanks for your help.

Harvey Thompson

--- On Thu, 2/2/12, gregdunmore24 <gregdunmore24Ÿ> wrote:

From: gregdunmore24 <gregdunmore24Ÿ>
Subject: Note from Greg Dunmore on Thurs. Feb. 2, 2012
To: "harvey thompson" <htjazz2004Ÿ>
Date: Thursday, February 2, 2012, 4:23 PM

Hi Harvey,

Our show in which we spotlight you is now posted. We really need to have it circulated via your network. I think it is really good, please let me know what you think?

You can access it by going to the following link:@© Click This !

Best wishes,


PS@Also, it is posted on our site.

Jo Thompson Dunmore ‚‚Ž‚„@her son ‚f‚’‚…‚‡

Jo Thompson came to Japan in 2003 and had a Jazz live show with Harvey Thompson at Jazz live house B-flat in the center of Tokyo. I had been there and listened their songs at first time by recommendation of Mr. Sugiya, owner of B-flat. It was the night when I was knocked down by Harvey's "Here's To Life".


This program was "on air" on Feb. 2. Harvey wrote me to share this video and distribute among my Jazz friends. I knew the name of Greg Dunmore because Harvey introduced the site of Greg and we saw it together at my home before.

I let him know the Harvey's recent "Here's To Life" through Facebook.

We set up a Harvey's Live at Little MANUELA on February 20. i2012/2/3j

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