Daryl Sherman 2016


Dari-chan came back to Daikanyama this year, too. I brought Mr. and Mrs. Hicky and we took special dinner at Tableaux Restaurant. My daughter happened to bring me to this restaurant 20 years ago. At that time the manager gave me his name card, and I found it 4 years ago when I met Dari-chan at first time. I told this story to a young assistant manager, he asked me "Was he Mr. Shinkawa?", "Yes, he was Mr. Shinkawa." He brought an album and show me Shinkawa-san's photos. Oh, it surprised me, and surprising night.


After dinner we moved to Rounge with our glasses. Dari-chan has started her performance already. I walked to piano side, and talked her "I came." She smiled back to me.


As usual, in her intermission, she sat with us on our table and talked, with red wine glass. She likes red wine.


Whom will we bring there next time?


Invitation to Little MANUELA 35years Aniversary Party

Imperial Hotel


We had a big party of 35th Anniversary of Little MANUELA at Imperial Hotel on the 1st. May. I invited Dari-chan. She was surprised amature oba-san singers singing with Big band and Elvis appeared.



Time is passing so fast. I have to see her face before she leaves Tokyo. I broght Yasuko Tachibana and Michiko Hickey tonight. Yasuko played piano and sang two songs.


She sang Gershwin Medley. Her idea is exceptional.


Sammy Sherman(1914/10/22-2003/10/29)

ダリちゃんの父親はSammy Shermanといい、Swing時代に活躍したトロンボーン奏者でした。ダリちゃんは父親から英才教育を受けたのです。

Sammy Sherman, Daryl's father was a trombone player who played in the Swing Era in big bands. Daryl received special education from her father.

お父さんは長生きし、2003年に89歳で亡くなりました。”Lover Man”は彼の作曲です。

He passed away at the age of 89 in 2003. "Lover Man" was writen by Sammy.

Daryl and Sammy Sherman