Daryl Sherman(1949- )

Daryl has been staying for 3 months from the end of the last year and was singing and playing piano until the end of February at Tableaux Lounge in Daikanyama.

As usual, I was recommended to listen her piano and songs by Shiozawa-san my old friend.

When we talk about self-accompaniment, I remember Blossom Dearie, Daryl really sang with pretty voice like Blossom.

She also mentioned the name of Marian McPartland, very old English Jazz pianist.

She came to our table during the break and spoke, but it didn't quit. We were talking until the next set starting.

However I thought I visited Tableaux Lounge at first time, I found manager's business card after came back home. It wasn't for the first time. (Feb 25, 2013)

Famous Artie Shaw said her ”First rate singer/musician”

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She again came back to Tokyo begining of March in 2014. On Mondays through Saturdays(20:30-midnight), she plays piano and sings with pretty voice at Daikanyama Tableaux Lounge until the end of May. phone:03-5489-2202

If you have an account at Facebook, send her your request.(April 9, 2014)


Daryl came back to Tokyo on March 7 this year. She performs from March 9 to May 30. Everybody, come to see Daryl. She is so young and cute!!!(March 10, 2015)

We have been to Tableaux Lounge at Daikanyama on 4th May. We met on the other Sunday at JZ brat, Shibuya, for she was brought by Shiozawa-san to see the live of Michiru Maki and The Time Five.

She came to our table and talked during intermission as last time, two years ago. (May 4, 2015)

We went to see dari-chan again. She was so pleased.

She sang a rare song of Duke Ellington, "Swingtime In Honolulu". (2015/5/19)

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