BIG-T|Craig Thompson with 17pieces Swinging Band
April 11th, 12th 19:00 at SOMEDAY
Frank Sinatra, Harry Conick Jr., B.B.King Style Show
in New York, Las Vegas Sound

Craig Thompson

Craig was born in Dallas, TX. Now he is 37 years old
U.S. Navy eventually took him to Japan and Craig was recruited into Sumo Wrestling.
He was a representative of U.S.A. at International Sumo Wrestling. His weight was 400 lbs. at that time. Craig lost almost 200 lbs. in one year and set out to find a band. What a wonderfully exiting and unique experience he had.

Big-T is his nickname.

He is a vocalist sings widely from traditional standard Jazz to Blues.

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He sang many songs in his live show at SOMEDAY. Plenty of audience have enjoyed and excited.

Also he performed as a guest sinhger in the ricital of Hi-Light All Stars at ABC Hall on Dec. 15, 2001

He will come back to Tokyo next April.

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