To You
Lyrics and Music: Thad Jones


最初の♪To You・・・で一発で参りました。半音で音がぶつかるという難コーラスで、オージーサンズでは無理です。そこで、FJSに歌わせてみようと3声のアレンジをした。


Thad Jones(1923-1986)




To You my very heart and soul I give to you
You never know of giving until you give yourself I do to you
To you the very life I live I give to you
My deep devotion my evry thought and feeling too
I give I do
All my love all my life to you

I've never known a day of strife
Since you entered my life
My care and my sorrow had me every way
Before you came I was tryin'
But my livin' felt like dyin'

To you I give all of my heart and my very soul
The life I'm livin'
Yes, I'm giving evrything to you
It's true really true
All my love all my life I live I want to give to you