Sarah and Salena in Jail

Sarah Vaughan and Salena Jones

Lena Horne and Salena

The name "Salena" of Salena Jones comes from "Sarah Vaughan" and "Lena Horne" because she respected them. Sa+Lena=Salena.

Salena made debut by her born name Joan Shaw. When she changed her first name to "Salena", she wanted to use her first name as the surname. But "Joan" was not suitable for surname, she decided her surname "Jones".

Now, back to the time when Billie Holiday was singing. it's late 1950s. Salena went to listen Billie at a small Jazz Club in Detroit. Sarah Vaughan, Johnnie Ray, Caverne Baker took Salena there. Salena was only 13 or 14 years old then.

Nobody knew who informed to police, policemen rushed into this club. The master of the club let Billie run away from the back door before they came in.

Billie had used drug. This might be the reason why Billie died at 44 years old.

The policemen thought remaining musicians were Billie's colleagues, and they were caught and taken to the police station and they obliged to stay one night in jail. Of course they were innocent, they would be free soon. But the police of Detroit was so much cool, for they said, "Hey you, sing us some songs then you can get out".


Sarah played piano and Salena sang. Have you read I wrote that Sarah started music as a pianist at a church.