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Canadian Sunset and Salena Jones 

Salena Jones(1944- )

A Canadian came, then someone sang "Canadian Sunset" for hospitality. But there was no reaction. It's natural for American song writers wrote this song without permission to Canadian.

 She recorded 100 standards in the middle of 1990's. Songs collected in these CDs are great and arrangement of music is exceptional. Especially, their chords are so complicated. She sings in light touch, and she looks like changed from her images in early days. She says herself,

  "Now I can sing confidently my songs."

 I agree with her.

  Salena has sung in various styles over many genres. She told me "I am sure that I would not still be going if I only sang just one style over my career." She is a close friend of a great Jazz singer Dolly Baker who has been living in Tokyo over thirty years. Salena left America in the 1960's when racial discrimination and unrest was very bad. Of course having got used to Britain over a long time now, Salena enjoys the way of life in England and Europe, and probably will not return to live in America.

 These new CDs were recorded in London and released in Japan. Price of each CD is about Yen 3,000 in Japan, but her CDs are imported into the United States and sold at $43. This is unusual for CDs in the United States are usually cheaper than Japanese CDs.

 Recently I received an e-mail from Salena. I was so much surprised for she found my web-site in London although it's written in Japanese. Following is the first mail from Salena.


This is Salena Jones and I've just been delighted to come across your site and so pleased that you like my record "Canadian Sunset".

You might like to see my own web-site on

When I next come to Japan I'll let you know.

Take care.

Salena Jones

  After then we became e-mail friends. She will come back to Japan in next October again.

 What a wonderful communication tool the Internet is!